Upon This Rock

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Apr 21

Easter weekend, Good Friday and Saturday, I was in a Passion play called Upon This Rock. It is a story of Jesus’ life, death, burial, and resurrection. I was a part of the multitude, which is exactly what it sounds like, a big group of kids and some adults. There were three scenes that I was in: Jesus Teaches the Multitude, Triumphal Entry, and Calvary. This is my third year acting in this play. Next year I hope to have the part of a servant girl in Pilate’s house. That will be my fourth scene, second outside of the multitude.

If you are interested in acting in or coming to UTR, please leave me a comment below. The website for Upon This Rock Productions is Happy acting!!!!!


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Jaicey is an emerging actress and filmmaker, with big dreams and goals. She lives with her parents and her two younger brothers in Indianapolis, IN. She is a huge movie and comics nerd and especially loves Marvel. You can often find her outside and/or with her nose in a book. She loves Jesus, which is shown through her bubbly personality and people-loving nature.

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