THOR RAGNAROK!!!! (Film Mini-Review)

By Jaicey | Film/TV

Feb 08

Okay, so I know this post is SUPER late, but I DID go see Ragnarok the day it came out! My family went to see it for Jackson’s 12th birthday. It. Was. AMAZING!!! I was so hyped for this movie, and it definitely lived up to my¬†expectations! It was action-packed, but it was also funny and had some touching and serious moments as well. There was a ton of character growth in this movie, from Hulk now being able to conversate coherently to Valkyrie and her hard backstory. I will try not to spoil anything. However, if you haven’t seen it already, you have probably already been affronted with several spoilers. (Shame on you, go see the movie!)

Director Taika Waititi brings an entirely different feel to the movie. It has the brawls and danger that any good superhero movie has, but it also has an unprecedented amount of comedy. The jokes added to the value of the movie rather than taking away from it. The actors all have a natural sense of humor, so the ad libs and planned jokes landed without a problem. Taika Waititi’s own character, Korg, was the breakout character for me without question. Every minute he spent on screen was enjoyable and HILARIOUS! The storyline added a new twist to the character of Thor, and I am excited to see how Thor 2.0 interacts with the Avengers, Guardians, and all the other superheroes that have been introduced in the MCU since Thor’s last onscreen outing.

I plan to start doing YouTube videos reviewing and breaking down movies, so I don’t want to go into a whole bunch of detail about Ragnarok just yet, but I definitely recommend you go see it! It’s a movie the whole family can enjoy, and it showcases a whole different side of the potential Phase 4 MCU.

Hope you enjoyed my mini-review! Stay tuned for more awesomeness!

(Black Panther comes out in 7 days and I am so ready for it! Go see that one too!)



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