Summer’s End!

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Aug 20

Summer is coming to a close a lot faster than I expected. It seems like Indianapolis really didn’t get a summer because of our endless winter. I start school on August 26th. I’m not really excited about it, but I at least will have something to do during the day other than sitting around and watching Sesame Street. 🙂

The big phenomenon this summer was the ALS Ice bucket challenge, I did it! It was AWESOME!!! But it was also freezing cold, so cold that it took my breath away!! You can watch my ice bucket challenge below (and you can leave a comment)! I challenged three of my friends, and to my knowledge, only two of them have done it! I can’t wait to be challenged again!

Next time I get challenged I am going to challenge my cousins and my whole homeschool co-op. A lot of people I know don’t want to do it, but ever since I heard about it, I wanted to do it!! I was soooo glad my family got challenged! My brother Jackson’s basketball teammate told him that when he does the challenge, he is going to challenge both Jackson and I. I can’t wait!!!

When I go back to school, I am going to have new classmates, I am really excited because I get to meet new people. I also have new basketball teammates, and I get to play on varsity!

This fall, I want to take dancing, singing, and/or acting lessons. I love all three! My brother Joshua once told me that he thought I was made out of music because I sing so much. I really do love music! It is AWESOME!!! I love the kind of music that makes you want to get up and dance!!! This summer I listened to a ton of music. Some of my favorite genres of music are pop, hip-hop, and R&B. I absolutely love old school music, and ADORE Michael Jackson!! He is probably my favorite artist of all time!

This school year I am going to do Cru, which is a Bible study, at Fishers and Hamilton Southeastern High Schools. I’m really excited because since I am homeschooled, I don’t get to see my public schooled friends. A lot of my friends go to Fishers High School and are in the Cru program there. So I will get to see them after school is over. Monday, August 25th is the first Fishers Cru session. The girls that go to Fishers used to have a Bible study, that we called Girls Bible Study. Not the most original name, but the Bible study was always great!

This year is my first year of high school! I am really excited!! Next year I will be learning how to drive!! It feels like just the other day I was going into my first year of intermediate school! Time really does fly!!


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Jaicey is an emerging actress and filmmaker, with big dreams and goals. She lives with her parents and her two younger brothers in Indianapolis, IN. She is a huge movie and comics nerd and especially loves Marvel. You can often find her outside and/or with her nose in a book. She loves Jesus, which is shown through her bubbly personality and people-loving nature.

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