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Aug 03

On my birthday I got to set up a Facebook account! Facebook is my first social media site. I am still getting used to it, and there are still some things that need a little tweaking, like the email updates. Every time I am mentioned or get a friend request, etc., I get an email from Facebook. In about an hour I had 36 emails from Facebook.

Now that I am on Facebook I will be able to communicate with all my friends from public school or the ones that have moved to different cities or states. Just recently I accepted a friend request from one of my basketball teammates. And I also got connected with one of my friends from middle school.

Social media is also good for building a personal brand, and to get connected with business associates. I can also publicize my blog using social media. And there are specific social media sites used for business.

Social media also helps family members stay connected, and everything moves 10 times faster. Messages that would have taken days to deliver by mail, are delivered through social media sites in a couple of seconds. But since everything can go viral so fast, people have to watch what they put out there on social media. My parents are teaching me to use social media responsibly.

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