My Very First Prom Experience!!

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May 02

On Saturday, April 21, 2018, I went to my first prom! Let me set it up for you.

My best friend Hannah invited me to go to her school’s prom with her, her date, and some friends. I went to homecoming with her last fall, so I was excited! I had about 2 weeks to prepare. Last minute, but I can do this… right?

To make a long story shorter, halfway through trying to get everything set for prom, it was decided I wasn’t going to go. (My own fault, I got in trouble. 🙁 ) However, two days before prom my parents decided to let me attend! Now, at this point, I have no ticket, no dress, shoes, jewelry, etc. Crunch time.

My mom contacted several friends to ask if I could borrow a dress from someone. In the meantime, we went shopping for shoes. One of Mom’s co-workers had a couple of bridesmaid dresses in my size that she was willing to let me borrow. Then came the jewelry shopping.

Day of prom, I have a hair appointment at 9 am, then have to go find another piece of jewelry because the first one didn’t match the dress the way I thought it would. I ended up getting my brows and lashes done at the salon too. Multitasking like a champ! We are supposed to take pictures, but I’m still in my sweats! 😀  I rush over to Hannah’s house, change into my dress and get my makeup done (shout out to my Momma, she’s the bomb). Once we made it to the park to take pictures I relaxed a lot. I got some good pictures with my friends and had fun in the sun.

After pics, we headed downtown to eat before going to the Children’s Museum (where the event was held). My dad and brothers got to come see me in my prom ‘fit before we headed out. Once we arrived I took a selfie with Bumblebee (cause why not? ;P) and we went into the dance.

My very first impression was ‘this is not at all what I imagined it’d be’. It was basically a rave. It was loud, dark, packed, and sweaty. But SO MUCH FUN! Throughout the night I got to ride on a carousel, dance, snap a pic with Carbonite Han Solo, and just have a generally good time! I would definitely do it again, but I also absolutely see the appeal of having a date. Going with friends is awesome, but sharing those moments with someone who not only means a lot to you, but it there to be with you would be great. (Plus, it’s also a good chance to find out if you both have similar tastes in music… super important 😉 ) And going to a large school’s prom can be daunting. I definitely recommend going to prom with a tight group of friends or a date (and friends too).

Have you ever been to prom? Tell me about it in the comments! Also, check out some of my favorite prom pics below!



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