My First Indy Storm Meet!!!

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May 20

I run for the Indiana Storm Track Club (Indy Storm). On May 18th I had my very first track meet with the Storm. We ran at Ohio State!!!!!!! It was such a cool experience! It is about 3 hours from where I live, and the meet started at 9 AM. I had to be there at 8 AM to start warm-ups with the team. Therefore I had to wake up at 4 AM!!!!! I was dead tired, I fell asleep about a billion times in the car, although I did get to see a very pretty sunrise!

When I arrived, I had absolutely no clue where I was supposed to meet the rest of my team. So my dad and I walked out onto the track, looking for the Storm. They ended up being all the way across the track. So my dad went with the rest of my family, and I ran to meet my friends. We warmed up and then practiced on the blocks. At my 4th or 5th practice, one of my coaches, Coach Vincent, taught me how to use the blocks. Before this year, I had never used blocks. It turned out to be fairly easy. I now know how to set them up on my own. It’s pretty cool.

After warm-ups, a couple of friends and I went and put our track spikes down close to the track, then we hung out and watched a couple of the other races. We screamed for our teammates so loudly that the lady who was lining people up for their heats started yelling at us about being too loud.

I was exhausted after my first race, the 100m. But I made it to the finals in my age group, barely. I beat out another girl by 0.03 seconds. I also made it to the finals in the 200m. So at my very first track meet I made it to the finals in both of my events. I got 8th place in both of my finals, but I beat my 100m time. I was a little slower in the 200m and didn’t get a personal record (PR). I was more excited about beating my time, though I was a little disappointed that I got 8th. It was my first meet in 2 years, and I really didn’t expect to get first. The girls I was racing against were really fast! And I was also kinda glad that I didn’t have to run the 400m, it hurts.

That meet was the longest I have ever been at! I arrived at 8 AM and didn’t leave until 7:45 PM. I was prepared for an all day event. I didn’t get home until 11PM. I was dead tired. I was also excited that I had run in my very first Indy Storm meet.


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