My 14th Birthday!!!!!!

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Aug 01

Today is my 14th birthday!!! I am sooooo excited!!!! I have absolutely no clue what I’m doing for my birthday. Our family birthday tradition is that the birthday boy/girl hangs out with the family and maybe a couple of friends on the actual birthday. Last year my family threw me a surprise birthday party at a man-made beach in Fishers, IN. It was AWESOME!!!!!!!!!! That was my first time on a beach, period, so I was super surprised. Lots of my friends were there, and my grandparents and my Aunt Trace’, who lives in California, was there too.

In two years I will be able to drive!!!! I already know how to start both an automatic car and a stick shift. And next year I will hopefully get my learners permit! It feels like there is a huge difference between ages 12 and 13, and ages 13 and 14, but really the only difference is 365 days. I feel like I was only 13 for a couple of months, and today I am a whole different age!!! Life goes by super fast!!!


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Jaicey is an emerging actress and filmmaker, with big dreams and goals. She lives with her parents and her two younger brothers in Indianapolis, IN. She is a huge movie and comics nerd and especially loves Marvel. You can often find her outside and/or with her nose in a book. She loves Jesus, which is shown through her bubbly personality and people-loving nature.

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