I’m Back!! (School’s Out!)

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May 31

Hey, everyone! It’s been a little bit since I’ve posted, and that was after I said I’d post once a week! How could I do that?! Anyway I’m back now, and I’m going to do my absolute best to post at least once a week, and every time I have a big update.

Speaking of, some things have happened since I’ve posted. For one, I auditioned for the female lead in a Disney movie!!!! The feature film will be based on the book ‘A Wrinkle In Time’ and the director is Ava DuVernay. The screenwriter is Jennifer Lee, who also wrote and co-directed Frozen with Chris Buck. She also was the brains behind Wreck-it-Ralph. I have not found out yet whether I have gotten a callback or not. A callback is when the casting directors narrow down the pool of candidates for the role, and they call the ones that are still left back in to audition again. I hope to find out soon and will update you all as soon as I find out one way or another.

Also, I auditioned for a role in a play version of High School Musical 2. I get my script and find out which role I’ve received on June 5th, which is the next rehearsal date. I am super excited about that opportunity as well! The play is on July 30th, two days before my 16th birthday! I believe it is going to be at the Athenaeum Theatre in Downtown Indianapolis. I will also update you guys on anything that I find out concerning that as well!

In other news, I am in an official grind to finish my book. I am going to try to enter a novel contest with it and the deadline for entries is June 7th. This gives me an opportunity to have my book published. If I get an A-list publication to pick it up, I will receive 80 percent of any earnings. If I don’t, I still get 50 percent, which is more than nothing!

I have a lot going on this summer! On top of all the things I just mentioned, I will be gone for two weeks in June, and I still have to finish math work. I will be going to the Ball State Summer Scholars Program, as well as the Eagle U Program at the University of Louisville. I am anticipating that my 16th summer will be amazing! I’m looking forward to all the prospects this year has to offer!

Thanks for sticking with me!



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