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Aug 14

On Tuesday, August 12 I was interviewed by Pastor Wiggins on AM 1310: The Light, regarding the New Horizons movie night outside on the church grounds. We are watching God’s Not Dead, which is about a college student named Josh. Josh is challenged by his professor to prove the existence of God. All the people Josh knows are giving in to the pressure of the professor, even his girlfriend. He has to prove the existence of God or receive a failing grade in this particular professor’s class.

On the radio, Pastor Wiggins asked Mrs. Robin Shaw and I a series of questions. Mrs. Robin talked about the church’s high school/teen program. Pastor Wiggins also asked her how the program equips teenagers, like me, so they can defend their faith in Christ Jesus. Mrs. Robin told us how the teachers provide a safe environment so that teens can share the problems they are facing, and get help with them.

Pastor asked me if I have ever faced peer pressure regarding my faith. I explained that I know people who don’t walk with God and aren’t always making the right decisions. But I also made it clear that I know where I stand in terms of my faith, and just because they aren’t acting the way they are supposed to, doesn’t mean I have to act the same way. I am a child of God and I am expected to act that way, no matter what anyone else says or does. That doesn’t mean I’m perfect because I am far from that, but I do try to live out God’s Will for me. That means having the strength, as a teen or as an adult, to stand up for my beliefs, even when they aren’t popular beliefs.

I also composed an apologetic paper this past school year about defending my faith. Apologetic basically means an argument justifying something, usually a theory or religious doctrine. My paper concerned the resurrection, and whether it is essential to the Christian faith. I took the affirmative side, meaning I think that the resurrection is an essential part of the Christian faith. I was asked to state the three reasons why I think the resurrection is essential to the Christian faith. They are as follows, the resurrection…

  1. is not expendable
  2. brings salvation
  3. aligns with God’s Will.

As the interview came to a close, Pastor Wiggins reiterated what he had said at the beginning of the radio show, telling Indianapolis about the movie night, when and where it was, and Mrs. Robin closed in prayer.

I am grateful for this opportunity because it has allowed me to share my feelings and hopefully impact other teens and adults to stand up for their faith and to not let themselves become discouraged when other people don’t agree with their beliefs.

– Jaicey Bledsoe


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Jaicey is an emerging actress and filmmaker, with big dreams and goals. She lives with her parents and her two younger brothers in Indianapolis, IN. She is a huge movie and comics nerd and especially loves Marvel. You can often find her outside and/or with her nose in a book. She loves Jesus, which is shown through her bubbly personality and people-loving nature.

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