Have you taken the SAT?

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Nov 10

Last Saturday, I took the SAT for the first time. I know, crazy right? #homeschoollife lol!

I was sooo nervous before I actually took it, but once I got in the testing room and the test actually began, I felt much more relaxed. I had some extra time in all of the sections, so I was able to go back and check some of my answers. I caught a few that I had missed so I saved myself a few points, thankfully.

I found that the best thing to prepare me was Khan Academy’s free SAT practice. The best part about it is you can specifically work on the things you’re struggling with, without working on a bunch of different skills at the same time. So if you struggle with circle theorems (like me 😉 ) you can work on that alone through Khan Academy, using videos, lessons, tests, and more.

Despite it not being as bad as I thought, I am definitely glad it’s over for now. I am now looking forward to Thanksgiving and Christmas and New Year’s Day and all the fun that should be coming at the close of this year and the beginning of the next one.

If you have a special holiday tradition you just love, drop it in the comments!



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