Happy (Late) New Year!!

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Jan 06

WOW! It has been literally FOREVER since I’ve written a blog post. Sorry to all you faithful readers out there! ;D

Just a quick update:

I’m now 15! A lot has happened since I last wrote. Almost a whole year has passed of course. I’m now officially an actress/model! I’m not famous yet, but I’m moving up the entertainment food chain… slowly. You can find me on my agency’s page: Helen Wells! I have been in one commercial so far, and I have a job coming up on January 9th!

I also am in the process of writing a book! I began it sometime last spring. It started as a school project. The assignment was to write a short story. My classmates and I all wrote our own unique short stories, ranging from squirrels to arsonists to princesses and magical cottages. Mine is about a spy, but that’s all I will say for now. I may preview a bit of it here, as a blog post, but it’s not finished yet, so I might wait a bit until I feel comfortable letting my brainchild out into the world! 😉 Although, the finished product will probably look and sound a lot different once I am satisfied and done perfecting and polishing it.

I still have a long way to go. I have roughly 13,500 words, but I also have a ton in my literature notebook that I haven’t transferred to digital form yet. I’m super excited to be back to writing! It’s the new year, so I figured I should act like it!

Hopefully, I will be posting once a week, if time allows. School hasn’t started back up for me yet, so I’m a little more free to write. Once it starts back up I will have to squeeze some time out of my day for this and my book. Although, I am starting to wake up a lot earlier, so maybe I will be able to squeeze out a little post in the morning after my bible reading before I start my school day!

My next post will most likely be focused on the start of school, and maybe I’ll throw in a little about my acting job and a trip I’ll be taking mid-January! I’m über excited about this year! It’s going to be A-MA-ZING!! I can feel it already!! Get ready people!! 2016 is going to be my year!! And you can make it yours too!

Stay tuned!

– Jaicey B.


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Jaicey is an emerging actress and filmmaker, with big dreams and goals. She lives with her parents and her two younger brothers in Indianapolis, IN. She is a huge movie and comics nerd and especially loves Marvel. You can often find her outside and/or with her nose in a book. She loves Jesus, which is shown through her bubbly personality and people-loving nature.

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