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Jun 06

June 2nd-4th my homeschool co-op Classical Conversations of Fishers (CC) hosted a practicum, which is basically a camp. I was a teen helper there, I worked in the logic camp, geo draw camp, helped with the recess, and floated around, helping where needed. I really liked the logic camp. The whole practicum was fun though because I got to hang out with awesome friends.

The first day I stayed downstairs for the morning portion of the day and led the campers to their camps, and their parents (mostly moms) to the sanctuary, which is where the CC discussion was held. After everybody was where they were supposed to be, I got to sort papers. It was a lot more fun than it sounds.

The second day my friend Emily wasn’t feeling well, so she stayed home. She was the teen helper in the logic camp, so I filled in for her since she wasn’t there. I actually learned a lot, and I kind of wish I was there as a student. That is how fun it was, it was challenging though. I got to work a lot with the kids in the group and we solved logic problems together and had a lot of fun. We all really missed Emily though.

On the third and last day of practicum, Emily came back and we both ended up in the logic camp again, though for the latter part of the day she had to go downstairs to help her mom Ms. Sunny, pack up the CC bookstore that they brought with them.

Before lunch and recess, I had to leave because I did a presentation/Q&A with the adults. I was a little nervous because I hadn’t had any time to prepare because I had been asked earlier that morning. I did a presentation on Challenge, the high school part of the CC curriculum. I also talked a little about the transition from Essentials, the middle school part of the CC curriculum, to Challenge. Then, one by one the moms started asking questions that, thankfully, I could answer. I actually talked about how the writing that Essentials and Challenge have taught me helps me write this blog.

At the end of the day, both the geo draw and logic camps did a presentation on what they had learned all three days. The geo draw camp showed the audience their drawings of the world and their free drawings too. The logic camp told logic riddles, which we learned in class, so I knew the answers to them all.

I think the most fun part of those three days was getting to hang out with Emily and my other friends, and getting to learn to think logically. 🙂


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