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Aug 10

From Wednesday, August 6th to Friday, August 8th I went to the J.W. Marriott in downtown Indianapolis for a tech conference. BDPA stands for Black Data Processing Associates. It started out just for African American teens but has now spread to teens of all nationalities.

It is three days of workshops and activities to equip young ladies and young men with technical and practical knowledge. For instance, one of the workshops on Friday was about Microsoft innovations, and later on that same day we had a workshop on proper business etiquette, specifically for the gala the next day. I thought that was a pretty stark contrast.

My favorite workshop was probably the Microsoft one. We also went on off-site field trips, to Johnson and Johnson and to Dallara IndyCar Motor Speedway. I didn’t get to go to the Johnson and Johnson factory because I had open-toed shoes. (Oops!!) It is a safety hazard. But I got to go to Dallara, and that was really fun!! We got to sit in race cars, and we (the BDPA participants) got to see the IndyCar that Reggie Wayne drove to the Colts practice this year. I like the color of it. It was red, black and white.

On Saturday, there was an awards ceremony that started at 5 PM, and the awards gala started at 7 PM. My dad and I went on a daddy-daughter date. We got there at 7 exactly, because we had to walk a long way. When we got there, two of my friends were waiting in the lobby, we walked upstairs and got our tickets. When we got downstairs nothing had started, people were just milling around and talking. A lot of pictures were being taken.

My friends and I walked around and looked for the rest of our group. As we walked around we saw people from other chapters and hung out with them until the rest of the Indianapolis chapter showed up.

The actual gala was mostly talking, and people receiving awards and scholarships. We had a salad, then I had a vegetarian meal. It was a dumpling filled with mushrooms, zucchini, and peppers. It was sitting on rice and was drizzled in some kind of delicious sauce. Steamed veggies were my side. It was scrumptious! For dessert, we had a cheesecake with chocolate and caramel syrup on it. It also had a small little strawberry in it. It was awesome too!

At the after-party, we danced to old school songs, we did the stanky leg. We also rocked to Michael Jackson’s “Remember the Time” and “Rock with You”. The DJ was DJ Duck from Hot 96.3! He didn’t think any of us ‘young folk’ knew about MJ! He didn’t know!! MJ is my boy!!! I knew every word to the MJ songs he played!!! “Remember the Time” might be my all time favorite MJ song.

My dad and I didn’t leave until almost 1 AM!! It was awesome!!! Also, on Thursday I and some of the people from the Indianapolis chapter went to the Indians game. I caught a ball, but there was a little boy sitting to my left that was crying, so I gave the ball to him. I caught two balls last year so I wasn’t really at a loss, and he looked so happy when I handed it to him. So my experience was great. I hopefully will join the program. I was told that next year the conference will be in Washington, DC. The BDPA has chapters all over the country for anyone who wants to join, their Facebook page is National BDPA.


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