My name is Jaicey Elise Bledsoe. I’m a 17-year-old Christian girl from Indianapolis, IN. I live with my two younger brothers, Jackson and Joshua, and my parents, Jackie and Stephana Bledsoe. (You can check out my dad’s website at I am currently a junior in high school, and I’m greatly looking forward to all that senior year and college have in store for me!

I have a passion for acting, especially involving film and television. I love superheroes (my favorite is Iron Man), and I’m a huge Marvel fan! (DC is amazing too, don’t get me wrong.) My dream is to play the role of Riri Williams – Ironheart – in the Marvel Cinematic Universe franchise. My favorite movie is probably Ray, starring Jamie Foxx, although I really like The Italian Job and the Ocean’s Trilogy too. My go-to genre of movies is action. As for my favorite actor… well, that’s a toss-up between Robert Downey Jr., Michael B. Jordan, Tom Hanks, and Zendaya… but RDJ may be winning. 😉

Now you know a little more about me. I hope you enjoy my site!