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Actress. Director. Producer. Writer.

Hello world! My name is Jaicey Bledsoe and this is a peek into my life, passions, and aspirations. I post about what I've been up to, movie reviews (especially Marvel movies), and life from the perspective of a little brown girl in America. Enjoy!

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Prom 2k18
On Saturday, April 21, 2018, I went to my first prom! Let me set it up for you. My best[...]
My Puerto Rico Mission Trip
OH. MY. STARS. I am in love with Puerto Rico!!! With the environment, the people, the beach... everything! The reason[...]
Did you know I’ve produced three short films?
Hey you! Yes, you. How's life going? I hope well. Personally, my life is a little (read: a lot) stressful,[...]